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Vila Rovira Ramón.
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Dear colleagues:

Many years ago I realized that Spanish people´s knowledge of the English Language is not so good, and generally under first certificate exam level.

It is very sad and frustrating that our Society of Plastic Surgeons’ (AECEP and SECPRE) doctor´s level is also lower than the First Certificate Exam.

I understand that it is very difficult to learn a language if it hasn´t been learned during childhood.

I want to say “a good English level” is being able to speak it, to read it, to write it, to listen to it, and to understand it. Many people say “I speak English” but they only speak a few words, just for minimal communication.

They only understand 50%, they read slowly, and writing is very difficult for them.

My personal experience with the English Language is like going up a neverending mountain.

Now I am spending 3 hours a week learning English and I am obviously improving slowly but I need practice, practice and more practice or “better said” to dedicate time, time and more time to achieve the First Certificate level.

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