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Flores García Aurelio, Garibaldi Becerra Vicente, Barba Barajas Martha, Velarde Félix Salvador, Fernández Argüelles Rogelio Alberto.
Endogenous Interleukin-12 regulates macrophage phagocytosis of Sporothrix schenckii
Rev Fac Cien Med Quito 2010; 35(1)  : 56-57


Context: Sporothrix shenckii is a widespread dimorphic fungus that causes sporotrichosis, an acute and chronic infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. It displays a range of clinical forms from fixed cutaneous to systemic infection. Systemic sporotrichosis occurs mainly in immunodeficient patients and can be potentially fatal. In the host defense against S. schencki, macrophages play an important role through both phagocytosis and oxidative processes.

IL-12 is an immuno-regulatory cytokine mainly produced by phagocytes and dendritic cells in response to different pathogens. Functions of IL-12 include induction of interferon-γ (IFN-γ) production by T and natural killer cells, and polarization of CD4+ T cells toward high-level IFN-γ-producing T helper 1 cells. IFN-γ in turn activates macrophages which enhance the clearance of the invading organisms. Moreover, IL-12 can directly stimulate mouse peritoneal macrophages (PMΦ) to produce IFN-γ.

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