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Viernes 20 de julio 2018   BUSQUEDA
Karim  Maryam, Kavosi   Mohammad Reza, Hajizadeh  Goodarz.
Macrofungal communities in hyrcanian Forests, North of Iran:
Relationships with season and forest types
Ecologia Balkanica 2013; 5(1)  : 87-96


The identification of macrofungal genera and species was carried out according to the macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of the specimens, as well as their characteristic responses to some chemical reagents. This study was conducted to identify the forest floor of macrofungal in Parrotia-Carpinetum and planted stands of Cupressus sempervirens and Alnus subcordata in North of Iran (Gorgan, Shast Kalate) during 2010-2011. For this purpose, all macrofungal in the area (0.6 ha in separated stands, three plots) were collected. Measurements were made from slide preparations stained with cotton blue- lacto- phenol contains 100 ml. Lacctophenol, 2ml 2% aqueous solution of cotton blue, by Olympus light microscope. The results show that 35 species were found which were classified into 21 genera from 16 families. Up to 54% of the species were classified into Parrotia-Carpinetum, 26% Alnus subcordata and 20% Cupressus sempervirens. In wet season 30 species of macrofungal and 13 species in dry season were collected. In spring season 12 species, one species in summer season, 23 species in fall season and 7 species in winter season were found.

Palabras clave: Macrofungi, agaric, ecosystem, macroscopic, season, forest stands.
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