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Viernes 20 de julio 2018   BUSQUEDA
Yocheva  Svetlana V, Irikov  Atanas A, Petrova  Slaveya T, Mollov  Ivelin A.
Assessment of the threats to the biodiversity and habitats in “Stara Reka” Reserve (Bulgaria) and its adjacent subalpine and alpine areas
Ecologia Balkanica 2013; 5(1)  : 119-127


The assessment of the threats in the “Stara Reka” reserve and its adjacent subalpine and alpine areas is important since it makes it possible the appropriate conservation measures to be taken in order to prevent or reduce the negative effects on the biodiversity and habitats. The assessment was based on systematic studies and visits in the “Stara Reka” Reserve, located within National Park “Central Balkan” (Bulgaria), during spring, summer and autumn seasons of 2010-2011. A number of threats were recorded, where those by anthropogenic origin were predominating. Tourists have negatively influenced the wild plants such as Allium ursinum, Inula helenium and Primula frondosa by picking them up. Damages were registered on the information system and signs. Waste disposal, fires, poaching and illegal fishing were also some of the recorded threats. Many natural succession changes quite dynamically vary the habitats in the reserve, but the most dangerous for the biodiversity and degradation of habitats remain fires, erosion and introduction of alien species.

Palabras clave: Threats, biodiversity, habitats, reserve, subalpine, alpine, “Central Balkan” National park.
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