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Domingo 24 de junio 2018   BUSQUEDA
Aukour  Fakher J.
Halopeplis amplexicauis (Vahl) Ung.-Sternb (Chenopodiaceae Family).
Re-collection in Zarqa of Jordan
Ecologia Balkanica 2013; 5(1)  : 145-147


Halopeplis amplexicaulis is an annual halophytic species that is widespread in salty habitats throughout the countries of the Mediterranean. This species is a Naturalized exotic. In Jordan it was reported that this species was dominant in Wadi Araba, Wadi Rum, Eastern Desert, Shaumari and Al-Azraq Oasis, in the desert (saharo-arabian) around the Dead Sea region, and Abar al Hazim . This species might be considered as invader one in such chorotype area, in that it is distributed in the Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrub lands, Deserts and extreme deserts. as the study area considered a dry habit, and on account of its special edaphic and water requirements, it is rare to see this species in such habitat.

Palabras clave: Halopeplis amplexicaulis, Chenopodiaceae, Biodiversity.
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