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Zambrano Galván Graciela, Reyes Romero Miguel Arturo, Bologna Molina Ronell Eduardo, Espinosa Cristóbal León Francisco, González González Rogelio.
Molecular targets in papillary thyroid carcinoma:
A point of view
Enlaces Académicos 2012; 5(1)  : 64-70


The Papillary Thyroid Cancer (PCT) is the most prevalent malignant neoplasm of the thyroid gland, and their etiology is the result of complex multifactor entity, includ genetic and environmental factors, and their interaction in individuals at risk.

The knowledge of the biological behavior has been achieved by analyzing several factors related to patient characteristics and tumor, identifying prognostic factors for death or relapse of the disease. In this context, the molecular targets are the new approach in the biological understanding in the PTC disease.

The most frequent genetic alteration reported in the PTC is the activation of oncogenes and the silencing of tumor suppressor genes.

Many of these molecular alterations represent novel diagnostic and prognostic molecular markers and therapeutic targets for thyroid cancer, which provide unprecedented opportunities for further research and clinical development of novel treatment strategies for this cancer.

In this context, our aim is to describe the different molecular targets that are involved in developing PTC.

Palabras clave: PTC, molecular targets, neoplasm, genetics, epigenetics.
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