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Luna  Domínguez Jorge Humberto , Luna  Lara  Carlos Alberto , Vite  Hernández Damara Citlalli , Luna  García  Bertha , Oliver  Parra  Rogelio .
Eficacia de un novedoso método de limpieza de instrumentos endodónticos de níquel-titanio con láser Nd:Yag.
Endo Act 2018; 13(1)  : 28-35


Introduction. The elimination of dentinal debris deposited on the surface of endodontic instruments is a pre-sterilization objective to avoid the risk of cross-infection. Objective: To evaluate the cleaning caused by an innovative Nd: Yag laser method to remove surface accumulated dentin debris from Protaper Next Nickel-Titanium X2 endodontic instruments. Materials and methods: In vitro (n = 12 sides) experiment of 6 Protaper Next X2 and 6 Primary Wave One Gold instruments in which endodontic instruments with Van Gieson solution were stained under stereoscopic microscopy on used instruments and subsequently treated with 2 different methods of cleaning: Group A: Nd: Yag laser (250 mJ, 3Hz) or Group B: Ultrasound (15 minutes). The remaining stained debris was categorized for analysis. Images were obtained under stereoscopic microscopy (35X) evaluated by 2 calibrated endodontists. Data were analyzed with the Kruskal Wallis test in the SPSS 21 program at alpha .05. Results: The Nd: Yag laser significantly eliminates dentin debris adhering to the surface of nickel titanium instruments than the ultrasonic cleaning method (p <0.05). Conclusions: The Nd: Yag laser is an effective method for cleaning the surface of nickel-titanium rotary instruments prior to sterilization.

Palabras clave: Ultrasonido, Debris, Instrumentos de limpieza dental, láser Nd:Yag
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