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Martes 22 de septiembre 2020   BUSQUEDA
Luengas Aguirre María Isabel de Fátima, Irigoyen Camacho María Esther, Sáenz Martínez Laura Patricia.
Community Work Ethics and Health:
Rev Cienc Clín 2018; 19(2)  : 51-57


This article addresses ethical issues of community work on health (CWH) from the perspective of the intention that drives its development (promoting healthy habits, empowering participants and building citizenship) and the care the health worker should take to assess the context in which CWH occurs. The study also considers the information that is provided to and received from the community. Values that support CWH are revealed to health, justice, equity, autonomy and solidarity. Philosophical theories that may be considered in CWH such as utilitarianism, liberalism and communitarians are discussed. Additionally, the role of information and communication in CWH is addressed.

Palabras clave: Community Health Work, ethics, community ethics, community health.
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