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Lazarevich  Irina , Pérez Castillo Rosa, López Alavez Francisco Javier, Skarguine   L Victoria.
Steps to healthy eating:
evaluation of education workshop in mexican college students
Rev Cienc Clín 2018; 19(2)  : 58-66


Introduction: college students represent a population group with poor eating habits and nutritional status. The maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and an appropriate food choice are very important for their body weight and health in adulthood.

Objectives: to assess the perception and attitudes towards healthy eating among first-year college students, and to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational workshop.

Method: a total of 690 students from a public university in Mexico City participated in the study. Pre- and post-intervention evaluation tests were applied to determine changes in the perception and attitudes towards healthy eating after implementation of educational workshop. Participants were distributed into two groups: the intervention group (IG) and the control group (CG). Means and standard deviations were calculated. In both groups, the comparison between pre-and post-evaluation scores was carried out using the Wilcoxon Sign-Rank test for matched pairs. To compare each item of the test, the symmetry of disagreement Bowker c2 test was conducted.

Results: students had a low awareness of healthy eating relating to mealtime, food choice, and total energy balance. In the participants of the workshop, positive changes in knowledge and attitudes towards healthy eating were observed (p < 0.0001), these changes were not observed in the control group (p = 0.379).

Conclusions: a considerable number of students had poor knowledge of healthy eating, and significant improvement was observed after the educational intervention. Therefore, it is necessary to create long-term health promotion programs that would include students’ health evaluation and education, particularly in such important areas as nutrition.

Palabras clave: College students, nutrition education, healthy eatAbstract
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