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Saracco Álvarez Ricardo Arturo, Fresán Orellana Ana, Rodríguez Pérez Víctor, Robles García Rebeca, Escamilla Orozco  Raúl Iván, Díaz Martínez Leonila Rosa, Olivares Neumann José Luis, et al  .
Development of the Mexican Version of the Empathy Quotient
Salud Ment 2020; 43(2)  : 85-90


Introduction: empathy is defined as the ability or process to identify and understand other person’s situation, feelings, and motives. These responses are essential for relationships and social behavior. Baron-Cohen et al. created the Empathy Quotient (EQ), a scale explicitly designed to have a clinical application. The instrument evaluates three constructs of empathy and several studies around worldwide, but not in Mexico.

Objective: to examine the psychometric properties and the factor congruence of the EQ in a community sample from Mexico City.

Method: cronbach´s alpha coefficient and a correspondence factorial analysis was performed to test the relation between response options and factors from the Exploratory Factor Analysis 200 adults without Axis I disorders through the MINI, filled out the Spanish version of the short version (28-items) of the EQ. An exploratory factor analysis was performed while reliability was tested with Cronbach’s alpha. In addition, correspondence factorial analysis and the factor congruence coefficient were determined.

Results: five items were eliminated from the original 28-item EQ. From the 23 remaining items, only 16 were grouped in the three original proposed dimensions (cognitive empathy: 8 items, emotional reactivity: 4 items and social skills: 3 items), while one item showed communality with a different domain from the one originally proposed. Reliability was adequate (.82) as well as the congruence coefficients (.76 to .99).

Discussion and conclusion: the EQ Mexican 16-item version is a good tool to assess empathy in a Mexican population.

Palabras clave: validation, empathy, scale, congruence coefficient, mexican population.
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