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Martes 04 de agosto 2020   BUSQUEDA
Durand Arias Sol, Roldán Hinojosa Daniel, Orozco  Ricardo, Mora Rios Jazmín.
Psychometric properties of the SV-RES Resilience Scale
in Mexican women with breast cancer
Salud Ment 2020; 43(2)  : 91-9


Introduction: resilience is an adaptation resource for coping with adversity or high risk, in this case, breast cancer diagnosis. The SV-RES Resilience Scale, created in Chile, is a valid, reliable measure for evaluating healthy behaviors in adversity and could be useful for evaluating resources available to women with breast cancer diagnosis in Mexico.

Objective: to obtain the psychometric properties of the SV-RES Resilience Scale in Mexican women with breast cancer.

Method: 114 women with breast cancer attending a cancer care center were included. They answered the self-administered SV-RES Resilience Scale comprising three resources: “I am,” “I have,” and “I can.” The dimensions of the scale were identified through an exploratory factor analysis.

Results: the scale presented overall internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha of .974), with seven dimensions (identity, satisfaction, links, networks, internal strength, self-efficacy, and affectivity/reciprocity) that accounted for 72.75% of the variance.

Discussion and conclusion: the SV-RES scale is a valid, reliable measure for assessing resilience in Mexican women with breast cancer. Since it is a short, self-administered, and reliable instrument, it is useful for clinical practice and research in similar populations to identify the resources people have for coping with their medical conditions.

Palabras clave: psychometric validation, resilience, breast cancer, SV-RES Scale, women with breast cancer.
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