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Candelario Martínez Leonardo J, López Esqueda Francisco Javier, González González Gonzalo Ramón, González Rubio Marco V, García Aguirre Nalleli, Shiguetomi Medina Juan Manuel.
Associated factors to surgical delay hip fracture in a Mexican hospital
J Lat Am Geriatric Med 2019; 5(2)  : 33-38


Objective: The objective of the study was to determine the factors that influence the surgical delay of hip fracture in older adults.

Materials and methods: An observational, descriptive, and prospective study, which includes patients over 60 years with a diagnosis of hip fracture, admitted to the orthopedics service, from March 2018 to June 2019. The causes of surgical delay and the number of patients surgically operated before 48 h after admission until surgery were stratified as well as the number of days of hospital stay, complications, and costs related to surgical delay.

Results: Seventy-eight patients were admitted to the study. The average hospital stay was 156 ± 66.5 h. The main complication was delirium and the average cost of hospitalization was $ 44,770.93 ± 16,080.40 Mexican pesos. Sixty-six patients suffered surgical delay and 12 (15.38%) underwent surgery in < 48 h. The causes of the delay were the non-availability of an operating room (66.66%), decompensation of comorbidities (24.24%), and use of antiplatelet agents or anticoagulants (9.09%).

Conclusions: The causes of delay found are likely to be modified and resolved by the orthopediatric team, with the main objective of surgical care within the first 48 h of hospitalization.

Palabras clave: Hip fracture, surgical delay, elderly
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