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Durón Reyes Dafne E, Mondragón Cervantes Martha Ivón, Jiménez Acosta Yénesis C, Velázquez Rangel María Sofía, Muñóz Morales  José L, Navarrete Reyes Ana Patricia, Leal  Mora  David, Díaz Ramos Julio Alberto .
Religion, spirituality, and old age: A review of the literature
J Lat Am Geriatric Med 2019; 5(2)  : 52-57


Background: Religion, spirituality, health, and medicine have common roots in the conceptual framework of relationship among human beings, nature, and God. Old age is a stage of life associated with spirituality. During this time, religious, spiritual, and cultural beliefs may be particularly important.

Objective: The aim of this article is to present a review and to contrast the scientific evidence on the role that religion and spirituality take on health and illness.

Methods: A research was conducted using the PUBMED database with different search terms and covering articles from 2002 to 2018. Eligibility of each article was decided by at least two independent authors.

Results and conclusion: Religious practices seem to help individuals to cope with various aging-related illnesses and losses, help them build up an important resource for resilience, and encourage social interaction and support. Health-care providers should consider asking patients about their spiritual practices and well-being.

Palabras clave: Religious, spirituality, aging, mental health
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