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Aquise Chávez Miguel, García Vicente Ernesto, Aquise Pino Adriana, Pellicer Algora Raquel, Pellicer Espligares José Luis.
A gyant splenic hydatid cyst case presented with dyspnea and fever
MEDICRIT 2009; 6(1)  : 54-57


This case is based on the definitive diagnosis of a large splenic hydatid cyst in a patient who presented an unspecific clinical picture though showed suspicious findings in the first chest radiography performed. The CT scan images clarified the diagnosis. In the beginning these images induced confusion among experimented clinicians due to their great similarity with pathologic abdominal processes like the retention stomach or the empty viscera covered perforation. Subsequently, the diagnosis of a large infected hydatidic splenic cyst was confirmed. This issue is considered common in our environment but very unfrequent when the affected organ is spleen.

Palabras clave: Hydatid disease, spleen, splenic hydatic cyst, splenic hydatidosis, splenic echinococcosis.
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