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October 2th.
Medical Technologist National Day
Rev Chil Tecno Med 2012; 32(1)  : 1669-1670


National Day or Classic Day in some countries of a particular profession or even of a Nation (National Calendar, in this case) is determined by various facts and events which affect different aspects and events, mainly those based on Identity of the persons who advocate, that which refers both to the specific as to the identical and similar social aspect that unites all those who share the same symbolic values, the same practices, the same forms of speech and equal rights and duties to the community. And that they define and mark a date as a special event worthy of being remembered, commemorated or celebrated by all in society.

Sociologically it is established that it was founded upon the “esprit de corps” (team spirit), which allows you to group or focus on certain communities, be they citizens, people or professionals. To achieve this, among the many elements considered for this purpose, are: customs and traditions, legacies, traditions, mysticism, which in turn are expressed in rituals that inspire and express respect in all who are assigned in around that particular conclusion and which are formalized in precise protocols, venerable and venerated universally accepted.

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