Hepatocellular adenoma:

Different entities for a single lesion 

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A 28-year-old female presented with upper quadrant abdominal pain. The patient did use oral contraceptives, her BMI was 35 kg/m2 and serum AFP level was within normal limit. A palpable liver mass was noted and CT demonstrated a pedonculated 10 cm tumor under the right liver lobe. A resection was performed. Image: The resected specimen showed a solitary well-circumscribed but not encapsulated tumor. On light microscope, the tumor was made of normal hepatocytes organized in trabeculae often dissociated by dilated sinusoids. No portal tract or central vein was noted within the tumor. Small aggregates made of unpaired arteries embedded by collagen fibers and inflammatory cells, mainly lymphocytes were present within the tumor. Hepatocytes display a strong immunostaining with anti-SAA antibody. No dysplastic or tumoral area was noted within the tumor. The peritumoral liver was normal.

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