Mean platelet volume is a useful indicator of systemic inflammation in cirrhotic patients with ascitic fluid infection

Autores: Suvak Burak, Torun Serkan, Tas Adnan, Beyazit Yavuz


THE AUTHORS REPLAY Dear Editor: We would like to thank to Dr. Tanoglu and Karagoz for their interest to our article. In their letter, the authors pointed out some concerns regarding our methodology that needs to be clarified. First of all, Drs. Tanoglu and Karagoz mentions that autoimmune disorders, hepatitis B and C viruses may affect mean platelet volume (MPV) levels and suggests to describe the cirrhotic patients in greater details in terms of viral etiology, autoimmune hepatitis associated cirrhosis and also primary biliary cirrhosis. Although we agree with the authors that MPV levels can be affected by the etiology of the liver disorder, it must be noted that this alterations are mainly related to the severity of the hepatic fibrosis.

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Vol. 13 Núm.5. Septiembre-Octubre 2014 Pags. 573 Ann Hepatol 2014; 13(5)