Impact factor; its importance for authors and medical journals

Autor: Gutiérrez Vega Rafael


The medic in our environment has been, traditionally, trained to perform clinical activities, meaning, to take care of health and fight disease. In the face of all the changes occurred to medicine, it becomes more and more frequent the necessity to incur in the practice of teaching and medical investigation, given that otherwise the possibility to participate in a competitive environment is reduced and the opportunity of professional growth diminishes. This is not a new concept, in fact, doctor Ruy Pérez Tamayo has pointed out that the truly ethic medic ‘‘must perform, as far as possible, the three following functions: 1) to take care of health and fight disease, always promoting an optimal medic-patient relation; 2) to teach his knowledge to students, colleges, patients, familiars and all those who could benefit with it, and 3) to contribute to the augmentation of knowledge through medical investigation.’’ In relation to this last point, the most common and simple way to culminate medical investigations is the publication of their results in a medical journal.

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