Translational Nutrition: translation of nutrition research and innovation into efficient actions in public health and clinical practice

Autores: Campos Hannia, Capitán Jiménez Catalina, Galán Rodas Edén, Zamora Ilarionoff Anton


Limited and scarce scientific research in a country is an obstacle to its development and the generation of alternative solutions to dynamic and changing public health priorities. Applied scientific health research contributes to improved knowledge and better understanding of the strategies and solutions required to improve the needs of the public health sector. Strengthening applied research in middle income countries will lead to numerous benefits at different levels; from cultivating academic training, stimulating critical thinking and increasing self satisfaction and motivation of health practitioners to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of health systems. Certainly, the patients and general population will receive the most benefit since access to evidence-based recommendations will promote better practical standards to improve the quality of life (1).

Palabras clave: traslational nutrition research innovation

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Vol. 1 Núm.2. Julio-Diciembre 2015 Pags. 72-73 Rev Hisp Cienc Salud 2015; 1(2)