Elevated circulating levels of IL-21 and IL-22 define a cytokine signature profile in type 2 autoimmune hepatitis patients

Autores: Dupont Pablo Thomas, Remes Troche José María, Izaguirre Hernandez Irma Yadira, Sánchez Vargas Luis A, Maldonado Rentería Mathywz de J, Hernández Flores Karina G, Torre Delgadillo Aldo, et al


Background and aims: Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is a chronic inflammatory condition of the liver in which the immunological mechanisms involved in tissue destruction and/or repair are still unclear. Different pro-inflammatory cytokines have been shown to play a determinant role in AIH pathogenesis. Here, we aim to compare the circulating levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6, TNF-α, IL-17A/F, IL-21, IL-22, IL-23, and IL-10 in patients with type 2 AIH compared to patients with type 1 AIH and healthy controls (HC). Fourty-six Mexican patients with AIH were recruited in our study. Patients were classified as type 1 or 2 AIH based on immune serological markers. Fourty-four serum samples from healthy individuals were included as controls. Serum cytokine levels were determined by ELISA technique. Results: Compared to healthy controls, serum levels of IL-17F, IL-21, IL-23, IL-10, IL-6, and TNF-α, but not IL-17A and IL-22, were significantly increased in AIH patients. When patients were grouped by aminotransferase activity, a biomarker of active disease, a positive correlation between serum IL-17F and alanine transaminase (rs: 0.4739; P = 0.0009) and aspartate transaminase (rs: 0.4984; P = 0.0004) levels was found. A cytokine signature profile associated with type 2 AIH was characterized by high serum IL-21 (type 1 AIH: 0.66 pg/mL; type 2 AIH: 331.1 pg/mL; P = 0.0042) and IL-22 (type 1 AIH: 0.1 pg/mL; type 2 AIH: 55.26 pg/mL; P = 0.0028) levels. Conclusions: We show for the first time, differential regulation of certain pro-inflammatory cytokines associated with disease progression and AIH type in Mexican patients.

Palabras clave: Autoimmune hepatitis interleukin 21 interleukin 22 interleukin 17F.

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Vol. 15 Núm.4. Julio-Agosto 2016 Pags. 550-558 Ann Hepatol 2016; 15(4)