Mexican biosimilar filgrastim for autologous hematopoietic stem cell mobilization and transplantation

Autores: León González Mónica, León Peña Andrés A., Vallejo Villalobos María Fernanda, Núñez Cortés Ana Karen, Ruiz Argüelles Alejandro, Ruiz Argüelles Guillermo José


Background: Following the release of the initial presentation of filgrastim (granulocyte colony-stimulating factor), several biosimilars have been developed worldwide. Objective: To study the efficacy of a Mexican biosimilar granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in a single transplant center. Methods: In a group of 19 consecutive patients with multiple sclerosis given autografts, we employed granulocyte colony-stimulating factors to mobilize stem cells from the bone marrow to the peripheral blood, either the original granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (n = 10) or a Mexican granulocyte colony-stimulating factor biosimilar (n = 9). Results: The efficacy of both agents was similar in mobilization capacity, white blood cell count rise, stem cell collection, and kinetics of auto engraftment. Conclusion: We conclude that both granulocyte colony-stimulating factor agents were similar in their efficacy to mobilize stem cells and usefulness in autografts.

Palabras clave: Biosimilar filgrastim G-CSF HSCT.

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Vol. 68 Núm.4. Julio-Agosto 2016 Pags. 181-183 Rev Invest Clin 2016; 68(4)