Non-nutritive sweeteners

evidence on their association with metabolic diseases and potential effects on glucose metabolism and appetite 

Autores: Romo Romo Alonso, Aguilar Salinas Carlos Alberto, Gómez Díaz Rita A, Brito Córdova Griselda X, Gómez Velasco Donají V, López Rocha María J, Almeda Valdés Paloma


There is ongoing debate concerning non-nutritive sweeteners, their usage, and their effects on metabolism. The association between non-nutritive sweeteners consumption, development of metabolic diseases, and changes in appetite-regulating hormones is not clear. The aim of this article is to present an overview of non-nutritive sweeteners and to examine the scientific evidence of their effects on glucose metabolism and appetite-regulating hormones. Some observational studies suggest an association between non-nutritive sweeteners consumption and development of metabolic diseases; however, adiposity is a confounder frequently found in these studies. Results of the available clinical trials are heterogeneous and not comparable because of major differences between them. Future controlled studies evaluating specific non-nutritive sweeteners, with an appropriate sample size, including a uniform study group, with sufficient exposure time, and considering adjustment for confounder variables, such as anthropometric characteristics, previous consumption of non-nutritive sweeteners, and coexistence of significant metabolic comorbidities, are needed.

Palabras clave: Non-nutritive sweeteners diabetes metabolic síndrome obesity appetite hormone.

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Vol. 69 Núm.3. Mayo-Junio 2017 Pags. 129-138 Rev Invest Clin 2017; 69(3)