Adherence to Appropriate Nutrition in Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis is Low

Autores: Trieu Judy A, Bilal Mohammad, Lewis Briana, Gou Eric, Sonstein Lindsay, Parupudi Sreeram


Malnutrition is a common cause of impeding recovery in patients with acute alcoholic hepatitis (AAH). Previous reports have shown that appropriate nutritional supplementation reduce short and long-term mortality in patients with AAH. Despite these clear recommendations, the element of nutrition in AAH is often neglected. We designed a quality improvement project to evaluate and improve compliance with appropriate nutrition in patients presenting with AAH at our institution. Patients admitted with AAH between December 2015 to December 2016 were included. Our primary outcome was compliance with appropriate nutrition. Secondary outcomes included nutrition consultation and hepatology consultation. A total of fifty-four patients were included. Nine of the 53 patients (17%) received high calorie and high protein diets. Hepatology was consulted in 72% (38/53) of the patients, and 21% (8/38) of these patients received appropriate nutrition as compared to only 8.3% (1/12) in whom hepatology was not consulted. Nutrition was consulted in 55% (29/53) of these patients and 67% (19/28) of those patients received appropriate nutrition. In conclusion, our compliance of appropriate nutrition in AAH is low. Our initial investigation suggests that hepatology and nutrition consultation improved compliance with appropriate nutrition. The next step will be to implement protocolized care for appropriate nutrition in AAH by incorporating consultation of hepatology and nutrition services, assess the effect on adherence to appropriate nutrition, and determine the impact on patient outcomes.

Palabras clave: Acute alcoholic hepatitis nutrition quality improvement.

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