Hepatic Abscess Secondary to Stomach Perforation by a Fish Bone:

a Rare Cause of Hepatic Abscess 

Autores: Yu Wenxiu, Yu Hailin, Ling Jun, Du Jiang, Yin Zhijing, Li Chengen, Zhou Min


Gastrointestinal foreign bodies are commonly encountered in clinical practice. However, although perforation of the gastrointestinal tract by a foreign body is not unusual, the formation of a hepatic abscess as a result of the migration of a foreign body is extremely rare. Patients usually present with atypical symptoms, and the treatment of such pyogenic liver abscesses presents a challenge. Here we report a case of hepatic abscess secondary to stomach perforation by a fish bone.

Palabras clave: Foreign body clinic perforation gastrointestinal tract pyogenic liver abscess.

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Vol. 17 Núm.5. Septiembre-Octubre 2018 Pags. 880-883 Ann Hepatol 2018; 17(5)