New information on the snail fauna of “Sinite Kamani” nature park (Stara Planina Mountains, Bulgaria)

Autores: Georgiev Dilian G, Kalcheva Silvia, Georgiev Dian M, Dedov Ivaylo


The malacofauna in the Bulgarian nature parks situated in Stara Planina Mts. is poorly known. So far only one research in the area of Nature Park “Sinite kamani” was carried out in 2008. A total of 23 species of terrestrial snails were discovered and some data on their habitats were presented, but no freshwater snails were found. The author has suggested that many other species could be found in case of future studies. In the present paper we present some new terrestrial and aquatic species discovered on the territory of the park.

Palabras clave: Protected area Bulgaria malacofauna.

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Vol. 7 Núm.2. Diciembre 2015 Pags. 87-90 Ecologia Balkanica 2015; 7(2)