Corrigendum to “Species Diversity and Distribution of Amphibians and Reptiles in Nature Park 'Sinite Kamani' in Stara Planina Mt. (Bulgaria)”

[Ecologia Balkanica, 6(2): 83-92] 

Autores: Deleva Stanimira R, Mollov Ivelin A, Fidanova Valentina M, Mechev Alexander K


The authors would like to report an error, they made indetifying one of the amphibian species, reported in the article, published in volume 6, issue 2, 2014. The species Rana graeca is wrongfully identified and is actually a subadult Rana temporaria. The mistake was made, because not all photographic evidence was present at the time of publication, which lead to the wrong identification of the species. Now all photographs made by A. Mechev are available and it is clear that the discovered frog is in fact subadult Rana temporaria, judging by the length of the hind legs and the size of the tympanic membrane (tibiotarsal joint does not exceed the tip of the snout and the tympanic membrane has a large diameter)-features that entirely confirm R. temporaria.

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