Academic League for Occupational Medicine: the experience at Universidade Federal do Paraná

Autores: Daniel Edevar, Zétola Paulo Roberto, Akemi Sue Caroline, Schmitt Amorim Celso


Background: Academic leagues play an essential role at universities. They include extracurricular activities that broaden the scope of the students’ knowledge and favor their contact with professionals active in the target field, thus affording opportunities for learning and activities relevant for professional consolidation. Objectives: To describe the activities developed by the Academic League for Occupational Medicine, Federal University of Paraná, in 2016. Methods: The present was a retrospective, experience-report study on the experiences of League members in 2016. Results: During 2016, the League held weekly meetings, and also one monthly meeting with a guest lecturer to discuss a predefined subject. The students participated in the Green April Movement and the Health and Safety at Work and Emergency Fair and Seminar (PREVENSUL) and presented scientific papers at outreach events, seminars and conferences. Conclusions: The activities afforded the students opportunities for theoretical and practical learning on occupational medicine, which evidenced its social and academic relevance, agreement with medical education and commitment to the essence of university outreach.

Palabras clave: Teaching education medical occupational medicine.

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Vol. 16 Núm.2. Julio 2018 Pags. 199-203 Revista Bras. Med. Trab. 2018; 16(2)