Organization of truck drivers’ work:

Autores: Pereira Rocha Felipe, Fischer Frida Marina, de Castro Moreno Claudia Rober


The organization of truck drivers’ work underwent considerable changes in recent years, with outsourcing, irregular shifts and extended working hours as some of its characteristics. Poor work organization has serious consequences for the health of workers, as shown by several scientific studies. In this essay we discuss the consequences of recent transformations in the organization of work, particularly the laws that regulate the activity of truck drivers in Brazil. We also point to the need for an intersectoral policy able to articulate the various public policies for the protection of this significant professional category.

Palabras clave: Occupational health intersectoral collaboration outsourced services public policy.

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Vol. 16 Núm.2. Julio 2018 Pags. 253-258 Revista Bras. Med. Trab. 2018; 16(2)