Maternal risk factors in full-term newborns with early onset sepsis related with Interleukin-6 in umbilical blood

Autores: González Andrade Fabricio , Castillo Rojas Andrea , Aguinaga Romero Gabriela


Objective: to determine the relationship and association of early sepsis with interleukin-6 measured in umbilical blood, as well as gestational age and birth weight, prenatal history of the mother pathologies during pregnancy, in newborns at the Neonatology Service of Carlos Andrade Marín Hospital (Quito). Material and methods: epidemiological, observational, analytical, cross-sectional. 200 newborns were analyzed. IL-6 was determined by Elisa. Results: newborn mean gestational age 38.4±2 weeks, mean weight 2871±532.4 grams, cutoff point interleukin 6 ?14pg/uL; male sex was 43.9%, female sex 56.1%; preeclampsia of the mother 22.4%, infection of the urinary tract during pregnancy 20.4%; vaginitis/vaginosis 19.4%; IL6 values ? 14 pg/uL in 63.3% of patients; IL6 values of >14 pg/uL 36.7%; relationship with sepsis in all, p<0.05; relationship of prenatal pre-maternity of the mother and neonatal sepsis, p<0.05; relationship between vaginitis/vaginosis of the mother with neonatal sepsis; p<0.05; OR: 38.88 IC95% (4.912-307.728); association between sepsis and risk factors, IL6, gestational age in weeks, weight, prenatal preeclampsia and urinary tract infection, vaginitis/vaginosis, p<0.05. Conclusion: it is concluded that there is a correlation of risk factors, such as gestational age in weeks, weight, prenatal preeclampsia, UTI prior to birth, vaginitis/vaginosis, and values of interleukin 6 ? 14 pg/uL. The mean gestational age was 38.4 weeks, and average weight 2871 grams in the newborns analyzed.

Palabras clave: risk factors biomarkers interleukin-6 pre-eclampsia newborn neonatal sepsis.

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