Algunas reflexiones sobre la enfermedad renal crónica en México….

Veinticinco años después 

Autor: Hernández Llamas Guillermo


Twenty-five years ago, an issue of “Chronic Kidney Disease” analyzed in Mexico, and led to the conclusion that the disease´s trend was increasing due, in large part, to poor diffusion and communication of its features, even in medical schools. With the National Health Plan 2001-2006 as a reference, we herein discuss the evolution of the disease over the last two and half decades, in terms of diagnostics and therapeutics. We concluded that its prevalence and incidence have actually increased in an exponential manner, to the extent of becoming the country´s foremost public health problem. We also present a teaching model aimed at primary health care personnel, as a tool for timely renal protection and the prevention of terminal stages of the disease.

Palabras clave: Chronic kidney disease Mexico current status.

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Vol. 42 Núm.4. Octubre-Diciembre 2021 Pags. 123-133 Nefrol Mex 2021; 42(4)