Peripheral eosinophilia in localized cutaneous leishmaniasis*

Autores: Villegas Elci, Vásquez Ricciardi Laura C., Rodríguez Morales Alfonso J


Eosinophils role in cutaneous leishmaniasis responses against Leishmania is still to be better defined. We evaluated this in 293 newly diagnosed patients, 88.7% with localized cutaneous leishmaniasis (LCL) and 11.3% with visceral leishmaniasis (AVL). In LCL patients mean % eosinophils and absolute count were significantly higher than the observed in AVL patients, as occurred with relative and absolute eosinophilia (78.5% LCL patients vs. 18.2% and 9.1% AVL patients). It is suggested an important role that may be playing eosinophils in LCL, probably related with increase in IL-2 production and other cytokines interacting in the immune response modulation (TH1 or TH2). * This work was previously presented in part at the XVIth International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria, IVth European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health and VIIe Congrès International de la Société de Pathologie Exotique (Medicine and Health in the Tropics), Marseille, France, September 11-15, 2005. Poster No. P219.

Palabras clave: Lesmania eosinofilia epidemiología

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