Prevalence of Campylobacter in chickens in a tropical environment

Autores: Pacheco katherine, Peña Yelena, Gamboa María del Mar, Hernández Francisco


Campylobacter is a fastidious agent, because it is microaerophilic, has a slow growth rate, and its culture requires selective culture media. For these reasons, the first strains of this agent from humans were isolated from the blood of patients with sepsis, and the agent was classified in the genus Vibrio as V. Fetus or "related Vibrio". The successful isolation of Campylobacter from stool samples in the 1970 was the result of a new methodology. Based on the relatively narrow diameter of this agent, the fecal samples for Campylobacter study were filtered through membranes With pores of 0.6ìm in diameter (able to retain most of the enteric agents), and inoculated on non-selective culture media. Then, selective culture media were developed using antibiotics such as colistin, bacitracin, kanamycin, and vancomicyn.

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Vol. 10 Núm.1. Enero-Marzo 1999 Pags. 63-64. Rev Biomed 1999; 10(1)