Nota histórica sobre la obra de Cajal, 'Degeneración y Regeneración del Sistema Nervioso', con una reflexión del autor

Autor: Lobato Ramiro D


Introduction In 2006 many scientists and institutions commemorated the award of the Nobel Prize to Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the neuroscientist who analyzed the microanatomical structure of the nervous system of the vertebrates in such an extensive manner that it becomes difficult to understand how a single man could do so much high quality work. As he did with the study of the normal nervous system, Cajal used a throughout and systematic approach to investigate the degenerative and regenerative changes caused by different types of mechanical injuries inflicted to every component of the nervous system, coming from the brain and the optic nerve to the sensory and sympathetic ganglia, the spinal cord and its roots and the peripheral nerves. In the following sketch I resume the findings published in the book entitled "Degeneration and Regeneration of the Nervous System".

Palabras clave: Ramón y Cajal sistema nervioso cerebro medula espinal ganglio raquídeo ganglio simpático nervio periférico degeneración nerviosa regeneración nerviosa.

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