Macroclimatic variations and ascaridiasis incidence in Venezuela

Autores: Benítez Jesús A, Sierra Carmen, Rodríguez Morales Alfonso J


Background Recent studies have indicated that ascaridiasis presents distinct geographical variation, which is suggested to reflect climatic variation, as well as behavioral differences.[1-6] It has been though that ascaridiasis could be influenced by climatic variability. This issue has been understudied worldwidely. For this reason we report possible impacts of climatic variability and El Niño events occurred during 1994-2002 on ascaridiasis in Venezuela. Methods Climatic data was obtained from remote sensing systems. Epidemiological data was obtained from Environmental health service (DGSACS) in Venezuela. Climatic events classifications were made according NOAA and indexes SOI and ONI as main global climatic variability indicators. Comparisons of yearly variations and deviation from medians trends between ascaridiasis incidence and climatic variability as well lineal regression models were made. Statistical analyses were made with SPSS 10.0 and GraphPad Prism 4.0, 95% of confidence.

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