Visceral Leishmaniasis in Hospitalized Patients at Valera, Trujillo, Venezuela, 2001-2006

Autores: Vásquez Manzanilla Omira, Dickson González Sonia M, Rodríguez Morales Alfonso J


Visceral leishmaniasis is one of the most neglected diseases in the developing world where represents a significant burden of morbidity and mortality. Although its prevalence in Venezuela is low, is lethality is considerable high. For these reasons its surveillance is of utmost importance, especially in the context of potential increases due to a number of multiple factors, including climate variability and climate change. In Venezuela visceral leishmaniasis is endemic in different areas, including the Western region, where Trujillo is located. Although there, the morbidity is low, is still considerable and as has been stated can carries a significant lethality. In this preliminary report we describe the clinical epidemiology of cases diagnosed at our institution during 2001-2006 in Valera, state Trujillo. Valera is the biggest city and the most metropolitan area of the state where there are not visceral leishmaniasis transmission or nearby to the city. Then all cases seen and diagnosed in the city corresponded to imported cases from other areas of the state, other states or other countries with endemic zones.

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