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Autor: Méndez Sánchez Nahum


It is always amazing when we look back and realize how fast the time goes by. Annals of Hepatology is crossing its nine years of publication, it began as many projects only like a dream and during this period it not only materialized but has been published in a continuous way. Through its 8 volumes, 30 numbers and 2 supplements, we have been able to show and to share with the medical community the main advances in the hepatology science, it is also a journal where scientists from all over the world can publish new insights and results of their clinical and basic work. But Annals of Hepatology goes beyond, it is now the Official Journal of the Mexican Association of Hepatology and the Latin American Association for the Study of the Liver, it is a valuable tool to facilitate and spread communication between friends and colleagues.

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Vol. 9 Núm.1. Enero-Marzo 2010 Pags. 3-4 Ann Hepatol 2010; 9(1)