Las colocaciones en la enseñanza del vocabulario del idioma inglés como lengua extranjera

Autores: Forteza Fernández Rafael, Rao Prahlad Sandal Ranga, Rubtsova Elena, Sabitov Oabekr


The teaching of a foreign language entails, among other things, dealing with the system of the language, i.e. the cultural, grammatical, lexical and phonological subsystems. In practice, most foreign language lessons dedicate extensive treatment to grammar and pronunciation, while vocabulary and the culture intrinsic to the language are often neglected. It is thought that with making clear the meaning of words and explaining some cultural concepts, it is enough for the learner. However, both culture and vocabulary are very closely related aspects in any language. Culture is expressed through language, and no expression of language can occur without words. It is through words that the culture of a language is transmitted from generation to generation. Therefore, learning vocabulary is also learning culture. At the same time, vocabulary is also connected with the other subsystems. Grammar would be empty without words, and word forms are governed by grammatical function. As a whole, all the subsystems together configure any language.

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