Georgi Kanchev Bachvarov


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After long illness our respected colleague prof. Georgi Bachvarov passed away on November 2nd 2010. Born in 1934 in Plovdiv. Graduated Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski” in 1957. He started working as assistant professor in Plovdiv University in 1962. He defended his PhD dissertation in 1970, specialized in the USSR in 1968 and in France in 1973. From 1971 is Associate Professor. Since 1973, he was deputy dean of Chemical-Biological Faculty of The University of Plovdiv and Head of the Department of Biology in 1974. Doctor of biological sciences since 1986. Professor since 1988. He is the creator and head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Conservation since 1988 until his retirement in 2002. Member of Society of Parasitologists in Bulgaria, the French Society of Parasitology and Balkan Federation of Ecology. Under his leadership are successfully defended two doctoral dissertations and over 100 theses. His main research interests are in the field of environmental parasitology and aquatic toxicology. Were studied helminths of amphibians and reptiles from Bulgaria, France, Serbia, Guadeloupe, Togo and others. Specialist in the family Polistomatidae of international renown. He described 12 new species new to the science. After his name was named a parasite from West Africa (Polistoma bachvarovi). He has won several international competitions, the latter being for "high-level scientists and international renown”. He worked together with experts from France, Togo, Russia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Greece.

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