Giardia lamblia infection is associated with lower body mass index values

Autores: Durán Carmen, Hidalgo Glida, Aguilera M William, Rodríguez Morales Alfonso J, Albano Ramos Carlos, Cortez Jackeline, Jiménez Sara, et al


While low and poor food intake are the major recognized causes of protein-energy malnutrition in children worldwide the only parasitic infection implicated in influencing the condition is Giardia lamblia. Some studies have suggested this association with different anthropometric variables (e.g., height for age, weight for age), while others have reported higher G. lamblia infection rates in undernourished children [5,6] (classified according to a body mass index [BMI] < 14 kg/m2 or below percentile 10 according to the national reference value [Venezuelan Growth and Development Foundation, 1996]). Furthermore, these studies have not reported mean lower BMI values in those individuals infected with G. lamblia. Based on these observations, we have evaluated the relationship between BMI values and G. lamblia infection in a cohort of children and adults, from 6 months to 59 years old, in a population living in areas of north central Venezuela.

Palabras clave: Giardia lamblia body mass index nutritional status

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Vol. 4 Núm.6. Junio 2010 Pags. 417-418. J Infect Developing Countries 2010; 4(6)