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Is pre-treatment liver biopsy necessary for all hepatitis C genotypes? Peltekian KM, et al. In this study authors retrospectively compared the sustained viral response (SVR) in 985 treatment-naïve patients with hepatitis C who did or did not undergo liver biopsy before starting peginterferon alfa-2a plus ribavirin. The results showed that physicians elected to treat 141/654 (21.6%) genotype-1 patients and 126/331 (38.1%) genotype-2/3 patients without liver biopsy. SVR rate was no different amongst genotype-2/3 patients who had a biopsy before treatment with 66.3% SVR vs. 69.8% of those treated without biopsy (p = 0.546), but significantly higher among genotype-1 patients with pre-treatment liver biopsy at 54.6 vs. 44.0% for those treated without a liver biopsy (p = 0.029). Authors concluded that pre-treatment liver biopsy was associated with better SVR amongst genotype-1 patients. In genotype-2/3 patients, pretreatment liver biopsy may not be essential to maximize SVR rates.

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Vol. 10 Núm.3. Julio-Septiembre 2011 Pags. 247-248 Ann Hepatol 2011; 10(3)