Endometriosis is a condition where endometrial stroma and glands occur outside of the uterus frequently localizing over the peritoneal surface and ovaries. There are unusual descriptions of this disease outside of the pelvic cavity such as pulmonary, pleural, cardiac, vesicular, gastrointestinal, renal, umbilical, abdominal and hepatic wall. In an extensive review of the literature less than 20 cases of hepatic endometriosis have been reported worldwide. The most common presentation of hepatic endometriosis is a cystic mass called “endometrioma”. Here, we present a case of an incidental intraparenchymal hepatic endometriosis in a young woman who presented with only right upper quadrant pain. A 25-year-old nulliparous woman was referred to our unit due to an 8-month history of relapsing and remitting right upper quadrant pain. In the last month, these episodes occurred more often and were related to the ingestion of fatty foods. There were no other symptoms. Her past gynecological history included menses onset at 13 years of age, with regular menstrauation accompanied occasionally with mild abdominal cramps.

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Vol. 10 Núm.3. Julio-Septiembre 2011 Pags. 347-348 Ann Hepatol 2011; 10(3)