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Autor: Méndez Sánchez Nahum


I’m very pleased to see and acknowledge that Annals of Hepatalogy attracts more readers and gains more influence every year. It’s been a strenuous effort to make this possible and I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone involved: the readers themselves, the authors and, specially, the members of the Editorial Board. The fruitfulness of the effort and the support that has come into our journal shows itself in the growth of its impact factor rate from 1.67 in 2010 to 1.86 in 2011. I’m proud and happy to see how our common effort throughout these nine years has attained really extraordinary results. As the importance of Annals of Hepatology grows, so does the number of quality manuscripts submitted to it. In the last two years these number has been so considerable that it will now be possible to increase the periodicity of our journal, which, starting in 2012, will appear every two months. Already, as many you may have noticed, the number of original articles published with each issue has been steadily growing, so that each of the last two issues of 2011 have included fifteen of them. That’s why we’ll limit the publication of case reports to three. We’ll still be receiving letters to the editor and we’ll also continue to publish one or two concise reviews with each issue.

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Vol. 10 Núm.4. Octubre-Diciembre 2011 Pags. 417 Ann Hepatol 2011; 10(4)