Hepatotoxicity from ingestion of wild mushrooms of the genus Amanita section Phalloideae collected in Mexico City:

two case reports 

Autores: Méndez Navarro Jorge, Ortiz Olvera Nayeli Xochiquetzal, Villegas Ríos Margarita, Méndez Tovar Luis Javier, Andersson Karin L, Moreno Alcántar Rosalba, Gallardo Cabrera Víctor Efrén, et al


We present two cases of acute liver injury resulting from consumption of wild mushrooms. The first case was a male who developed acute hepatitis after ingestion of diverse mushrooms including Amanita species. His clinical course was favorable with complete recovery of liver function. The second case was a male who developed acute liver failure (ALF) after ingestion of Amanita bisporigera. He required MARS therapy as a bridge to liver transplantation but transplantation was not performed because he succumbed to multiorgan failure. There are few trials demonstrating the efficacy of the different treatments for mushroom poisoning. These cases demonstrate that the consumption of wild mushrooms without proper knowledge of toxic species represents a serious and under recognized health problem.

Palabras clave: Mushroom poisoning amanita acute liver failure treatment mars amatoxins mushroom hepatotoxicity fulminant hepatitis.

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Vol. 10 Núm.4. Octubre-Diciembre 2011 Pags. 568-574 Ann Hepatol 2011; 10(4)