Introduction: There is significant geographic variation in the etiology and prognosis of acute liver failure (ALF). Since, little information is available for Latin America. We analyzed ALF mortality trends in Mexico. Material and methods: The rates of mortality attributable to ALF were obtained for 1998 to 2009 from the National System of Health Information in Mexico and analyzed according to date, etiology, sex, age and geographic characteristics through graphical assessment and joinpoint regression. Results: From 1998 to 2009, 2,193 ALF-related deaths were reported. A threefold increase in ALF mortality was observed during the period from 1998 to 2009 (the global mortality rate increased from 13.1 to 40.2 deaths per 10,000,000 inhabitants). The most significant increase was observed for viral etiologies after 2006, affecting people 45 years old and over. Conclusion: ALF-related deaths have increased since 2006. Although we cannot speculate on the specific causes of this increase, it may reflect improvements in the access of vulnerable populations to health care.

Palabras clave: Fulminant liver failure hepatitis epidemiology.

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Vol. 11 Núm.2. Marzo-Abril 2012 Pags. 257-262 Ann Hepatol 2012; 11(2)