Treatment of hyperferritinemia

Autores: Beaton Melanie D., Adams Paul C


Elevated serum ferritin, or hyperferritinemia, is a common finding on routine bloodwork and often prompts referral for further evaluation. In the following review, we outline the various causes of hyperferritinemia and point out that, in the majority of cases, this does not represent true iron overload. Despite much research interest in this area, the precise mechanism of hyperferritinemia and its impact on disease severity in various clinical conditions continues to be debated. While some research suggests that iron reduction in cases of hyperferritinemia is of benefit, the decision to treat such patients should be individualized, and may be influenced by the presence of other features of iron overload.

Palabras clave: Iron overload ferritin liver disease therapy.

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Vol. 11 Núm.3. Mayo-Junio 2012 Pags. 294-300 Ann Hepatol 2012; 11(3)