In the present review Montano-Loza and Mason published in this issue, analyzed the main clinical, histological, biochemical characteristics of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). In addition, those researchers point out the genetic and environmental factors associated with the development of PBC in order to explain if there is or not any association of microbial etiology in PBC. In fact, some studies have suggested a microbial etiology for PBC, based on the premise of molecular similarity between the human 2-OADC-E2 and the corresponding bacterial proteins. In addition, a viral association in PBC has also been suggested based on viral particles identified in the bile duct epithelial cells (BECs) from patients with PBC by electron microscopy, a retroviral sequence cloned from BECs and a proviral genome of a beta retrovirus cloned from the lymph node from patients with PBC.

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