JIDC and Latin America

Autores: Rodríguez Morales Alfonso J, Rubino Salvatore


This year marked the fifth anniversary of the publication of the Journal of Infection in Developing Countries. JIDC was launched strongly supported by scientists from developing countries. The objective of this enthusiastic journal has been to allow researchers in developing countries access to a high-quality international journal, not just to read but more importantly, to publish research for others to read. JIDC has evolved to be a high-quality journal, not just publishing anything concerning infectious disease in developing countries, but keeping in mind the need to maintain quality, accepting articles of high quality and trying to improve the quality of the research submitted (using the mentoring system).

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Vol. 6 Núm.9. Septiembre 2012 Pags. 652-653 J Infect Developing Countries 2012; 6(9)