Extremely low vaccine effectiveness against influenza H3N2 in the elderly during the 2012/2013 flu season

Autores: Farooqui Amber, Kelvin David J


Curious anomalies in vaccine effectiveness during the 2012/2013 flu season The 2012/2013 influenza season is winding down now in North America, Europe and other Northern hemisphere locations, and interim estimates for vaccine effectiveness are now available from multiple sources. The most striking statistic reported is that the vaccine displayed extremely low effectiveness against A/H3N2 in the elderly. This data has significant implications for future vaccine design, influenza surveillance, and treatment of the elderly during influenza outbreaks and epidemics.

Palabras clave: Influenza; vaccines; elderly; H3N2.

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Vol. 7 Núm.3. Marzo 2013 Pags. 299-301 J Infect Developing Countries 2013; 7(3)