Diabetes mellitus and the syndrome of frailty in the elderly

Autores: Navarrete Reyes Ana Patricia, Ávila Funes José Alberto


Frequently, geriatric syndromes are diagnosed in patients with multiple pathologies; perhaps, the most evident example is Diabetes Mellitus (DM). During the past few years, an association between DM and frailty has been described. Theoretically, there are multiple pathways that justify such an association, especially if DM was diagnosed during adulthood. However, there are data that suggest a relationship, perhaps of another type, between frailty and late-onset DM. This article has the purpose of reviewing the evidence supporting this association.

Palabras clave: Diabetes mellitus. Frailty. Elderly. Sarcopenia. Falls. Fractures.

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Vol. 62 Núm.4. Julio-Agosto 2010 Pags. 327-332 Rev Invest Clin 2010; 62(4-ENGLISH)