Rhombencephalitis by Listeria monocytogenes in a cirrhotic patient:

a case report and literature review 

Autores: Carrillo Esper Raúl, Carrillo Córdova Luis Daniel, Espinoza de los Monteros Estrada Isis, Rosales Gutiérrez Agustín Omar, Uribe Misael, Méndez Sánchez Nahum


We report a case of rhombencephalitis infection by Listeria monocytogenes in a 66-year-old man with cirrhosis. The CSF analysis indicated L. monocytogenes as the most likely pathogen. Blood and CSF culture were positive to L. monocytogenes and MRI findings were suggestive of rhomboencephalitis. The treatment was started empirically and then modified when the culture results were available. The patient had a full clinical recovery without neurologic sequelae. Clinicians should remember that L. monocytogenes most often presents as acute bacterial meningitis, particularly in the elderly, the immunosuppressed, and those with malignancies. L. monocytogenes CNS the infections may present as acute bacterial meningitis, meningoencephalitis, or acute encephalitis.

Palabras clave: a case report and literature review

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Vol. 12 Núm.5. Septiembre-Octubre 2013 Pags. 830-833 Ann Hepatol 2013; 12(5)